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Sport on holiday? Discover a lavish fitness buffet - and choose with relish

Finally get out, change of scenery, let loose and enjoy life: Holidays are your highlight of the year. Yes, you deserve it: time to relax and switch off. Nevertheless, a thought gnaws at you. Just doing nothing, is that enough? Is that what I want? After all, you make every effort to be fit and eat healthy the rest of the year. Of course you do! Because sport on holiday not only keeps you fit, it also makes the best time of the year sparkle in exciting facets - on Rügen and everywhere.

Sport on holiday: It's all in the mix, also on Rügen

How much of it makes you balanced and satisfied is a matter of personal, healthy mix. Whether moderate exercise or a real active holiday - Rügen's wide range of activities awaits you with an interesting combination of exercise, recreation and relaxation on 926 square kilometres of varied landscape and picturesque nature. Whether on foot, by bike or on horseback, blown by the fresh Baltic Sea breeze - Rügen is a sportsman's paradise. Dive into the cool water? On the fine sandy beach and numerous sea bays. A setting that will make you forget the stress of everyday life - whether on a family, singles or sports holiday. Very sunny, the odd drop of rain also falls here: what now? Don't let it spoil your good mood by simply continuing to sport in a well-considered way.

Enjoy nature, train your endurance

Hiking moves you. You will get to know the surroundings - and new people in the group. Rügen's unmistakable natural beauty is a World Heritage Site. Discover them on a guided hike: rangers lead you through the biosphere reserve, in search of clues along the chalk cliff coast and through old beech forests. Or get on your mountain bike and cycle around the island along the signposted network of cycle paths. Too strenuous because you're completely rusty? Give yourself a chance by renting an e-bike. No sweaty pedalling, but effortless, whether up a hill or into a headwind. Don't feel like pedalling back? Just pack the bike on the bus. Real horses and Appaloosas trot with you and the kids over dykes, autumnal stubble fields, uphill and downhill - and in bad weather in one of the riding halls. Are you a passionate rider? Just bring your horse along. Unbeaten for best endurance: (Ent-)exciting golf courses with 18-hole master course like at Karnitz Castle or in Sassnitz - with a panoramic view of the sea.

Fitness, staying slim, simply switching off?

Fitness and sport often get a raw deal on your holiday because you're stuck in a deckchair on the beach? While eating snack food to sweat all the harder after the holiday to get rid of calories? Even if you obviously don't make a dream figure in a bikini and swimming trunks - it's not too late. Get on your inline skates casually, at any time, according to your mood: the island offers attractive routes with a smooth surface - like the cycle path from Mukran to Binz or through the forest, from Glowe to Juliusruh, both doable even for beginners. In general, time flies when skating and running in unknown places. Besides, hardly anything lets you switch off as well as jogging by the water - whether lake, river or sea. GPS planning shows you the most beautiful routes in advance. If jogging is your holiday workout, exploring and training run parallel for you. At the same time, your body becomes familiar with different ground conditions. Why not start the day with a morning run in front of a dreamy beach backdrop? Steps in deep sand additionally train the leg muscles. For those who don't want to run or exercise alone, Rügen has offers such as easy running through the Baabe Heath or Pilates on the beach.

Active together: sports with the whole family ...

... creates space for fresh community experiences, even of an unusual kind: Never been to the kite meadow? Now it's time for a joint flying game with wind and kites. Or to ride a tricycle, or kite buggy, again: Action! A keyword that also applies to stand-up paddling together. With your feet on the surfboard, you can paddle for all you're worth. Stand-up paddling trains endurance, strength, sense of balance and body control in equal measure. But best of all: it's great fun! If you're more daring, try distance stand-up paddling - and paddle out of shallow, calm Bodden waters on longer tours to Rügen's lonely bays. Alternative to this: Get into a boat together for a guided canoe tour or discover sunken ships while wreck diving off Binz. You can reach the summits dry-footed at the dune golf in Göhren or take care of some ridge walking at airy heights in the Prora ropes course. Only flying is more beautiful ...

Sport and relaxation: try your luck as an angler

Fishing and relaxing? Whether freshwater or saltwater, Rügen beckons with Germany's richest waters for fish at the Great and Small Jasmund Bodden as well as the brackish waters of the bays around the island. Autumn is cod season, in winter you can fish for capital pike and zander. Would you like to swap serene relaxation for speedboat action? Deep-sea fishing sets off in small groups, e.g. from Sassnitz, to fishing grounds in the direction of the southern Baltic Sea, Arkona Basin and Sweden's coast.

What to do when it rains?

You have read correctly: Yes, Rügen is one of the sunniest regions in Germany. If it rains anyway, numerous sporting activities will lift your spirits. For example, if you specifically book a hotel with fitness offers ranging from aqua fitness to spinning to yoga. A workout right by the (indoor) pool to refresh yourself afterwards or with a view of the sea instead of the screen in the studio at home is quite motivating! So captivating that some people don't want to stop ... You can take it easy at one of Rügen's skittle and bowling alleys or at the billiard café.

Sport on holiday: stay in shape - and do something good for yourself

Where lavish buffets tempt, the thought of putting off an urgent diet until later is understandable. Why not simply enjoy it more consciously instead of stuffing your belly in the all-inclusive manner? Fresh fruit and vegetables also fill you up - eat them generously. You may, with permission through active sport and exercise. Everything with moderation and balance, because your usual exercise schedule has a break - or at least delights you with a slimmed-down version. Sport on holiday is an active holiday, but it should promote endurance and relaxation at the same time. Take advantage of the opportunities offered by your destination. But sport can do even more: because it brings you - more than on any other holiday - into close contact. Feel the wind, smell the sea and the forest, enjoy the weather and the freshness - and come back refreshed and fit!

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