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Windsurfing on Rügen - in dance with waves and wind

Steel-blue sky, a stiff breeze and a board under your feet - this is the stuff dreams are made of. Surfer's dreams. Windsurfing on Rügen makes the most of the concentrated power of nature, it is a sporting discipline with fun and passion. Windsurfing on Rügen combines surfing with sailing, with the surfer standing on a two to three metre long board and propelled by a sail, dashing across the sea. For a better grip, the feet are attached to the board with a loop, and the surfer also holds on to the boom with his hands. The steering is intuitive and is done by shifting weight on the board.

Little equipment is needed for windsurfing on Rügen

Windsurfing on Rügen is fun and, compared to other sports, it does not require a large budget to realise this dream. Of course, you can rent the appropriate equipment first to test the sport. The following accessories are needed:
  • Surfboard
  • Boom, also called "rig
  • a sail
  • wetsuit
  • sports goggles
  • Gloves

Beginners should prefer larger and wider surfboards because they have a better footing on them. A length between 2.20 m and 2.80 m and a width of 0.50 m to 1.00 m are ideal. The rig should be rather light for beginners, the sail as small as possible to avoid high speeds. The board for windsurfing on Rügen costs about between 600 and 800 euros, but you have to add a few hundred euros for the accessories.

Rügen is a bastion of windsurfing

Windsurfing on Rügen is ideal because the Baltic Sea with its swell creates ideal conditions. While grey rain clouds often linger on the mainland, the sun often shines on Rügen thanks to its island location. Word of the perfect conditions for surfing on Rügen has long since spread and attracts numerous athletes every year who pursue their hobby either professionally or on a whim. When windsurfing on Rügen, you are guaranteed to meet like-minded people and can constantly develop your skills.

Only 600 metres from the Aquamaris beach residence is the kite surf school Kite-Surf-Factory.
<<to the Kite-Surf-Factory>>

Sport and holiday - a dream combination

Windsurfing on Rügen inspires young and old. On holiday you feel fresh, rested and motivated. Even reserved people quickly discover their motivation when windsurfing on Rügen and really blossom. Sport should have nothing to do with obligation and stress. On the contrary: windsurfing on the island of Rügen relaxes you and quickly makes you forget the stressful thoughts of everyday life. Windsurfing on Rügen strengthens your muscles and helps to loosen tensions.

Start windsurfing on Rügen in our Aquamaris beach residence

A relaxing counterpoint belongs to a hearty sports programme, after all you are on holiday and not in a training camp. Our Aquamaris beach residence offers you everything you need to regenerate from the vigorous surfing on Rügen and to gather new energy for the following days. Enjoy our wellness programme in a unique atmosphere or stroll along our twelve-kilometre-long sandy beach, which lies directly in front of our hotel. You decide on the ideal mix of massages, fitness, sauna or sports offers. If you appreciate surfing on Rügen, you will love our wellness offer even more.


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