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Rügen and in particular our beach is a runners paradise. The most beautiful route descriptions are available at the reception. In Winter, there are modern treadmills in the fitness center available. Runners are very welcome.
It’s not without a reason that AQUAMARIS supports the annual Cape Arkona AQUAMARIS race.

Cape Arkona AQUAMARIS race

10 km and a half marathon

Start half marathon
11:00hr on the beach below the hotel complex of AQUAMARIS

Start 10 km             
11:00hr at the lighthouse of Cape Arkona on the island of Rügen

For all runners on the beach below the hotel complex of AQUAMARIS.

Track description

The half marathon leads along a short piece on the beach of the Baltic Sea and always within sight of the sea and the cliffs to Cape Arkona. The trail is slightly profiled, paved for the most part and offers always grandiose outside and inside views of nature in the North of the island of Rügen. The lighthouses at Cape Arkona are visible after 5 km. On the way till the lighthouses are within close reach, there is the idyllic fishing village of Vitt with its distinctive round church. On the way back, for the 10-km runners, the countryside of the island Hiddensee is in good view. Shortly before the finish, there are again some meters of beach along the way.
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