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Rügen in autumn - the other holiday qualities of the Baltic Sea island

The air gets fresher, the wind gets rougher and the colours of Rügen change. That is Rügen in autumn. The rich greens, blues and sandy tones of the summer months are exchanged for warm yellows, bright reds, subtle oranges and earthy tones that wrap Rügen in a soft light in autumn. It is not only the colours that change on Rügen in autumn. It is more that makes Rügen in autumn so very different.

Rügen in autumn - the change of seasons

Rügen in autumn is Rügen in September, Rügen in October and Rügen in November. Each month has its own special charm on Rügen. This applies to outdoor activities as well as to the numerous events that take place on Rügen even in autumn. In autumn, the bathers lose themselves and the exuberant beach life gives way to the rustling of the leaves. Bath towels are replaced by scarves and later by gloves, hats and hoods. Mostly it is hiking boots that are exchanged for sandals and bathing slippers on Rügen in autumn. It gets quieter on Rügen when autumn begins in September. Beach and sea flow into infinity, colours become clearer and warmer, and nature gains in expressiveness. The sun pours down golden autumn rays on flora, fauna and people. Spending time outdoors refreshes, perks you up and stimulates the circulation. Appetites increase on Rügen in autumn, meals are more substantial and the temperature of drinks changes from cold to warm. While it gets rougher outside and a stronger breeze blows, it gets cosier inside. That is Rügen in autumn.

Rügen in September: Enjoying the Baltic Sea island in all its facets

Delicate fog rises. Silvery cobwebs criss-cross the nature and announce the approaching autumn. The air on Rügen in September is still mild. The first leaves fall to the ground and decorate the promenades and tree-lined avenues. Only occasionally do bathers venture into the Baltic Sea to swim a few lengths and refresh themselves. Wellness offers are available all year round. But it is only with the onset of autumn that the treatments unfold more intense moments of relaxation and tranquillity.

But don't worry, there is still plenty going on in Rügen in September. Yoga, Pilates, back school, stretching, Zumba, Aqua Fit, cutter sailing, archery, guided bike tours, running, Nordic walking and of course hiking are the sporting activities that await you on Rügen in September. There is also a lot to experience culturally on Rügen in September: Theatre, cabaret, various events, concerts and live music, weekly markets and farmers' markets, exhibitions and guided tours, jeep safaris and film lectures offer plenty of variety on Rügen in September too.

Cranes in September and Rügen in October:

The resting of the cranes as an unforgettable natural spectacle

Special highlights on Rügen in autumn are seal expeditions by ship from the harbour in Putbus and, in particular, the crane tours, which are offered from 15 September to 20 October. The starting point is the harbour in Schaprode. Cranes are called "birds of happiness", and there are thousands of them that provide a unique natural spectacle on Rügen in September and October. It is the idyllic Bodden landscapes with the wide stubble fields that become landing grounds for the majestic birds, whose call echoes across the island. Cranes make a stopover on Rügen in September and October to gather reserves of strength for the onward flight. It is an imposing sight and an impressive spectacle that can be seen on Rügen in September and October.

Rügen in October: Hiking Autumn

There is hiking on Rügen in October. But that's not all you can do on Rügen in October. There are sporting activities and cultural highlights in different areas. Nevertheless, the hiking autumn on Rügen in October is something very special. As a holidaymaker on Rügen, you can choose from around seventy hiking events, most of which are free of charge, in the period from 14 to 23 October. The hiking autumn on Rügen in October offers expert guided tours through the natural and cultural landscape of the Baltic Sea island and its little sister Hiddensee. The hiking autumn on Rügen in October also includes Nordic walking tours, guided tours of Cape Arkona, local tours of various seaside resorts and excursions to the Jasmund peninsula.

Picnic in autumn

These places are visited during the hiking autumn on Rügen in October: Included are
  • the Baltic seaside resort Binz with its enchanting landscape and impressive architecture,
  • the Baltic resort of Sellin with its historical flair and a wonderful sandy beach,
  • the Baltic resort of Baabe with its magnificent historic buildings and natural coastal landscape, and
  • the Baltic resort of Göhren, a seaside resort between tradition and modernity.
  • The hiking autumn on Rügen in October also takes you to Middelhaben, which is known for its gentle hills, rugged cliffs and Bodden and which, with 23,500 hectares, is a unique landscape conservation area in the south-east of the island.
  • Gager and Groß Zicker exude rural idyll close to the glittering Baltic Sea and are just as special as Thiessow as a little pearl on the Baltic Sea beach.
  • Sassnitz impresses with its harbour atmosphere and architecture during the hiking autumn on Rügen in October,while Lohme reveals the dreamy side of the Baltic Sea.

The hiking autumn on Rügen in October also takes you to Cape Arkona, which offers a magnificent view of the water and over the island due to its height of 43 metres. Putbus is also hiked in the hiking autumn. It is the princely paradise of Prince Malte and is also called the "white city". What would autumn hiking be without an excursion to the neighbouring island of Hiddensee, which leaves deep impressions with its picturesque dune landscape and a fairytale heath landscape.

It gets cosier - Rügen in November

You have to experience it to know that Rügen has its charm and great recreational value even in November. This is also due to the wonderful air and the peace and quiet that you can enjoy on Rügen in November. Unlike other regions in Germany, Rügen is less foggy in November. This is due to the rising winds, which get rougher and make the Baltic Sea foam. Warm drinks turn into hot drinks on Rügen in November, and wellness offers are used more often. Extensive walks on Rügen in November and smaller hikes really get body, mind and soul going. The stay on Rügen in November dispels the gloomy thoughts of this otherwise rather gloomy month. Subsequent visits to the sauna, massages, peelings, spa baths and packs also promote deep relaxation on Rügen in November. On Rügen you will find your inner centre, more serenity and well-being in November.

The Baltic Sea island of Rügen is always worth a holiday, even in November. Every season has its own special charm on Rügen. This is true for Rügen in autumn and also for Rügen in November, when nature changes colours and prepares for winter. Visit Rügen in November, October or September and you will gather deep impressions and have a wonderful rest.

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