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Autor: Timurs U.
Alter: 30 - 40 (privat) am 02. August 2018

Positive, but the following could be improved 1. The room with the dryer and washing machine is not sufficient, especially the dryer, it takes 3 hours for one go which means that during the daya only 8 people can dry their cloth there. So please consider adding another dryer and another washing machine 2. The fact that brakfast is not included on the day of the departure is very dissapointing, please at least consider to offer it to your bronze, silver and gold memebers. 3. Please consider if the age to pay for food is appropriately set of 7 years in the restarant. 7 years old and 9 year old eat more or less the same, it is in teenage years that the consumtion of food really changce, so consider free food for the kids at least until 10 years, it will make you much more attractive!

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