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For more and more guests good cuisine means, that the ingredients are fresh, come from the region and are prepared in various ways. The head of cuisine of the AQUAMARIS Strandresidenz is of the same opinion. Today a delicious and juicy steak? Tomorrow maybe fresh fish from the Baltic Sea? Sometimes indoors, sometimes outdoors, sometimes à la carte and sometimes a buffet? You decide at the Strandresidenz, if you want to choose the variety of the half-board in the restaurant Strandperle, from the three wonderful specialty restaurants, or a rustic pub:
  • Restaurant Strandperle for the gourmet breakfast buffet and the evening theme buffet.
  • Friends of the Italian cuisine love the San Marco
  • Steak-friends find the Buffalo as the best restaurant
  • Dat Fischhus serves daily specialties from the sea, lake and river
  • The beer pub Klabauterman is the place for the night owls among our guests - perfect for a nightcap late at night.
For vegetarians and vegans, we always keep ready a selection in all the restaurants.

The opening times:
Strandperle San Marco Dat Fischhus Buffalo
07:00hr –10:30hr -- -- --
-- from 12:00hr         till 22:00hr -- --
17:30hr – 19:00hr
19:30hr – 21:00hr
till 22:00hr Apr. - Oct.
Fr. – Tue. 17:30 hr –21:30 hr Nov.- Mar
Apr. - Oct.
Fr. – Tue. 18:00hr –21:30hr
Fr. + Sa.               
18:00hr –21:30hr
Coffee & cake -- 15:00hr till 17:00hr -- --
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