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All Nines - Bowling on Rügen

Dear friends of Rügen!
Especially in early spring, the weather on Rügen can still be quite stormy and sometimes rainy. If you don't fancy long walks on the beach or visits to museums, the AQUAMARIS Strandresidenz Rügen is just the place for you:
Children can romp, climb and play in the indoor playgrounds "Pirate Land" and "Pirate Ship".
Adults enjoy the wellness area with indoor swimming pool, Finnish sauna, steam bath, aroma sauna, ice grotto, Kneipp bench, vitality showers, UV sunbathing lawn and relaxation area.

Bowling is fun

If you like sporting competition in a sociable group, you're sure to love skittles!

Whether with the kids, with friends or with the bowling club, the four lanes at the AQUAMARIS Strandresidenz Rügen leave nothing to be desired. For thirsty throats, the friendly AQUAMARIS team will of course also provide a drinks service. House guests use the lanes free of charge and can also reserve their lanes before arrival. But people from Rügen and visitors also like to come for a fun evening of bowling.

Is bowling a sport?

Yes, skittles is a precision sport!

That's why there are ongoing sporting competitions today, up to and including annual world championships. In 2018, the World Cup will take place in Cluj, Romania.
Sport bowling is not only a performance and precision sport, but also an Olympic discipline. Intensive training, strength and endurance for competitions at the highest level, precision, concentration and perfect movement sequences separate the professionals from amateur bowlers.
The German Bowling Federation currently has a total of 170,966 members in Germany, and the number of hobby players is certainly in the millions.

People have always bowled!

Bowling is one of the oldest sports of all!

In ancient Egypt, parts of a skittles game from around 3500 BC were found. The original form of today's skittles is thought to be the target-throwing games of Germanic tribes in Central Europe, where stones were thrown at bones. In the Middle Ages, bowling was a popular sport and could not be missed at any folk festival or market day. As betting on skittles also became very popular, skittles were even banned. Until the 18th century, bowling was played outdoors without exception. In 1786, the Berlin scholar Johann Georg Krünitz first described "13 rules for the game of skittles" in his encyclopaedia, some of which are still valid today. Friedrich Schiller and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe were among the first celebrity bowlers.
Sport bowling was born around the middle of the 19th century and spread quickly. As early as 1885, the Central Association of German Bowling Clubs was founded in Dresden.
The rest is history!

The rules of skittles

The aim is to roll a ball from one end of the skittle alley with controlled momentum and knock down the nine pins placed at the other end of the alley.
The skittles are arranged evenly in the shape of a diamond. Each player has two attempts in a round. So the optimum is to knock down all the skittles with one throw - all nine! Points are recorded and scored for each cone knocked over. In skittles, 9 rounds are usually played or simply as long as you feel like it.
Any number of participants can join in, and it's especially fun to split up into teams.

Kings for experts

Other game variants are also well-known. Ultimately, you and your fellow players decide which variant you would like to play. Something only for experts is, for example, the "king's game": Here you have to throw certain "skittles" one after the other, which become more difficult with each round. Moreover, players only have one try per cone! The most difficult skittles are, for example, those in which one skittle is on the far right and one on the far left.

Whether you are a bowler, a beginner or a child - bowling is fun for everyone.

With this in mind: All nine!

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