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Voucher ideas for the sunny island of Rügen

For a change give a present in the form of a dinner outing, relaxing or holiday money for a holiday in the AQUAMARIS Strandresidenz

The vouchers of the AQUAMARIS hotel successfully end your search for the right gift. Even for those who like to wait until the last minute to buy a gift, there's a simple solution. Order online, pay with a credit card or PayPal and get the wonderfully crafted voucher by e-mail. Then print it out yourself, tie a ribbon around it, and go to the party. If you like, you can decorate the voucher with a personal greeting or even a photo of yourself or of the recipient.
The new vouchers which can be bought online are as good as cash in the AQUAMARIS. For three years they can be used for all services of the House. The activity gift vouchers describe the services rendered, but does not display the paid amount to the recipient.

Here are ideas to which occasions the AQUAMARIS vouchers are particularly welcome:

  • Your loved ones are regulars in the AQUAMARIS and have the next holiday already booked or planned? Then a voucher of €50.00 or €100.00 (or an amount of your choice) is a perfect addition to their travel fund. And for many gift occasions, such as Christmas, birthdays or the thank you for the hard-working staff, we provide vouchers in a matching design.
  • It's Valentine's Day and your girlfriend has long been planning a beautiful holiday on Rügen? She is right. The romantic voucher for lovers, which matches particularly well with pink roses, is hidden in the bouquet of roses. We will send the voucher and you get the roses and soon you will look into happy eyes.
  • Your best friends also want to try finally a beach vacation on Rügen's longest sandy beach? Vouchers can be used as a down payment for overnight stays or as an à la carte candle-light dinner in the restaurants of AQAUMARIS Strandresidenz. Especially with a voucher you can make their travel decisions easier. You can already start looking forward to a postcard with holiday greetings from Juliusruh.
This list could be continued forever. Just try it out.
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