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A time full of promise - spring on the island of Rügen

If you want to leave winter behind for good, but without having to make a long journey by plane, the island of Rügen is the perfect place for you. Rügen is one of the sunniest islands in Germany, and you can benefit from this in March, April and May. Of course, the sun does not yet have the power it sometimes has in summer, but that is exactly why it is worth visiting the island in spring. You then have a cornucopia of possibilities, so to speak, to enjoy yourself indoors as well as outdoors.

Enjoy yourself once again

If you like the effect of wrapping up a little in winter and taking time for treatments, massages, saunas and long baths with a clear conscience, you don't have to miss out on the pleasure in spring. Without the feeling that you are missing out on something outside, you can "prolong" the winter in a nice way, although you are always aware that in March and April the days are already noticeably longer, so summer is already sending its harbingers strongly. Nevertheless, the time between the two extremes has its own special charm. Enjoy yourself once again at the Hotel Aquamaris. Enjoy hours in the sauna, alone or as a couple, or lie down in the well-tempered room for a pleasant hot stone massage. There's just something about it!

MagnoliasNature is awakening - and you are part of it

You didn't choose the island of Rügen as your destination by chance, because you know that "pure nature" beckons you here. This nature awakens in the months of March to May with full force, it sprouts, the birds return and everywhere the first signs of the soon to be summer show. Dis bushes and trees put on their enchanting robes of blossom, it's purple, pink and sometimes bright yellow. Enjoy it all, the rush of colour, when you go on tour. On the beach it also becomes much livelier, more guests appear, dogs romp around, but also the local birds accompany you a bit on your way. If you want even more nature, venture into the island's interior, perhaps bravely by bicycle. There you will be really conquered by the awakening nature, you will feel as part of it when you walk, no, stroll through a small forest with tender leaves.

Time of departure, time for interesting tours

Since the weather is often wonderfully sunny already in March, and you can happily take off your scarves, gloves and hats over lunchtime, you should also plan a few tours for your stay, during which you will get to know the island of Rügen well. Of course, you can simply walk along the endless beach from your Wellness Hotel Aquamaris on the north side of the island of Rügen. Quite a few guests of the hotel find such tours, especially when winter and summer are still struggling a bit with each other, a real challenge. You fight the wind a little yourself and are then more than rewarded by being able to have your picnic behind a rock while letting the sun shine on your face. You can feel alive again and already get an idea of what Rügen must feel like in summer, you may already see images of bathers and surfers in your mind's eye. Spring is without a doubt the time of anticipation, which you can also experience at first hand during your tours.

"City life" - in miniature

Spring is often a time for a bit of a type change. Take a look around the boutique in the hotel to see if you can't find something chic. And if you decide to have a city day, you can certainly find new outfits and accessories in Sassnitz and Binz (see here, here and here). Stroll around extensively, enjoy a break every now and then, breathe in the sea air. Shopping is definitely fun this way, much more fun than running through the crowded city centre at home! Since in March, April and May, after a certain hibernation, all the restaurants are open again, you can also enjoy your lunch in one of the charming towns. How about pasta vongole at an Italian restaurant with a sea view? Or would you prefer to eat original Rügen fare? There is something for every taste and desire on the tourist island of Rügen. And often you can even have your meal or coffee outside on the terrace of the restaurant or bistro.

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