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Fitness holiday on Rügen

The holiday season is a good opportunity to take care of yourself. And although simply doing nothing is also very relaxing, the right amount of exercise ensures an even faster reduction of stress hormones that have accumulated in the body before the holiday.

For your fitness holiday on Rügen, the right basic ingredients are these:

  • A top modern gym with modern equipment for good cardio and muscle training.
  • Wonderful, unspoilt nature with wonderful running and Nordic walking routes.
  • A regular range of courses with spinal gymnastics or progressive muscle relaxation with experienced trainers.
  • A modern sauna landscape with saunas in various degrees of heat.

What does a perfect fitness day on holiday look like?

  • Of course, it is important that you do not start from zero to one hundred. This daily routine is intended for people who actively do sport two or three times a week in their everyday lives.
  • All those who do no sport at all should slowly get their bodies used to exercise with long walks and bike rides.
  • The start of the day: The best thing is to do some early morning exercise before breakfast. You should definitely drink a large glass of water or tea beforehand and then set off for a Nordic walking or jogging round on the beach. Depending on your physical condition, for 20 to 60 minutes. After a hot shower, breakfast tastes twice as good.
  • After breakfast to the gym: After breakfast and at least an hour's rest, head to the fitness centre. Warm up a little before the workout (maybe 15 minutes on the ergometer or treadmill) and then work out all muscle groups (legs, back, core and arms) for 5 to 10 minutes each.
  • At lunchtime, a tasty salad and then either a midday nap or a relaxing walk on the beach.
  • In the late afternoon, there may be a muscle relaxation class or you can relax in the swimming pool and sauna.
  • You are now rightly looking forward to the wonderful themed buffet in the evening. You have earned it.

Packing list for your fitness holiday

  • Good sports shoes for runners or Nordic walkers with good cushioning.
  • At the gym, you (and woman) can work out in shorts or long sports shorts and a T-shirt. Breathable fabrics such as cotton or appropriate man-made fibres are helpful. Fabrics that wick sweat away from the body are a good choice in the gym.
  • For outdoor activities, long jogging trousers and jackets with wind protection are pleasant. Functional clothing makes training much more pleasant. Running, hiking or Nordic walking are fun all year round if you have the right clothes in your luggage. Hats and gloves are definitely important in winter.

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