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Children animation

Children, spend your holiday in Piratenland

The “Piratenland” is located on the first floor of the main house. Invited are the children from 3 to 11 years old in seasons A to C and in season D are children from 4 to 11 years old and always from Monday till Friday between 9:00hr to 17:00hr. Here is a colorful game program for the children. Our children's entertainment is adjusted over and over again to the expectations and desires of the young guests. Of course it goes also outside into the beautiful nature: build sand castles, walks on the beach and imaginative beach games are the most fun in the group. Once in a while we go bowling, craft beautiful and useful things, build shell castles and make funny ball games.

Naturally it is possible at any time to have a look around. It is very rare, that the little personalities want to leave quickly, but, if they do, we do not take it personally. After all everyone should spend their holidays the way it’s most fun.


A sea journey is funny... Welcome on the Piratenschiff on the 2nd floor of the main building

The indoor playground "Piratenschiff" (pirate ship) is especially popular with all children.
No wonder: Buccaneers wear eye patches, striped shirts, three-quarter pants and a saber. They are brave, sing funny songs and sit on a barrel of rum. Pirates bury their treasures on deserted islands. And then forget where, or draw treasure maps, so that somebody later might be happy about it... Dive into the friendly world of adventure of the AQUAMARIS pirates. On the 2nd floor, circumnavigate the world and forget the everyday life.
This small play area on the 2nd floor in the main building, invites you daily to imaginative explorations and adventures in the world of wild pirates.


Yoga for the little princesses and pirates (children yoga)

(a fantasy and adventure journey through the forest)

Children's yoga is a wonderful way to keep the body flexible and strengthen the muscles. Yoga also relaxes children and makes them sleep better. Child-friendly yoga tells stories and takes children on an imaginative and experiential journey.

The children's yoga course is a free offer for children between 4 and 11 years old. We run the course 1 to 2 times a week. Depending on the weather in the gym or on the beach. Please register your children at the reception.


Babysitter to go

You need a qualified and reliable babysitter? Contact the reception; we can arrange a babysitter for you.

Here are our best excursion ideas and tips for holidays with the family and children:


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Why Rügen is the ideal destination for your next holiday

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